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Don't get stuck paying high electricity bills from a utility company. A cheaper, greener power source is available to you, one that's been around since before the dawn of civilization. Solar energy comes directly from the sun and can power your home more efficiently than standard electricity. On sunny days, your solar panels will likely absorb more energy than you need for the day. That surplus power can be stored away for use during rainy days or blackouts. And using solar panels in place of the utility companies will drastically reduce your carbon footprint. In short, you'll save money while helping the environment. What's not to love?
So, how good is solar energy, really? The answer depends on which company provides you with solar panel installation. A quick web search for "solar consultant near me" will present you with plenty of options, many of which are overpriced, unreliable, or inefficient. Edge Home Energy breaks the mold and exceeds expectations across the board. Our solar energy is affordable, engineered to be both efficient and effective. Their Save It Forward incentive program brings you even more benefits. Learn about your signing incentive, rewards program, and state-of-the-art monitoring features. Some of their most satisfied clients have saved tens of thousands of dollars over traditional electricity by choosing Edge Home energy and earning limitless rewards. Edge Home Energy will be there to answer questions about your solar panel system and provide support every day of the week. Start saving with solar panel installation. 

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